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3 Easy Ways to Save Money While Traveling!

Mountain Backpacker

If you have ever gone on a vacation or even a quick overnight trip, you know just how expensive traveling actually is. With the combination of airplane tickets or gas, hotel rooms, food, and finding activities to fill your day with — the money really starts to add up. Basically any dollar that can be saved on a trip is a must, so here are some helpful tips!

1. Be Flexible on Flights

Different weeks, days, and times can make all the difference when purchasing plane tickets. If possible, don’t travel on holiday weeks when everybody else is flying as well because airlines take advantage of this factor and majorly drive up ticket prices. Flying out in the middle of the week, instead of on the weekend, can make a big difference in price as well. If you’re so limited that you can’t change the flight dates, try picking an unpopular time to fly like early in the morning. If you fly when nobody else wants to, you’ll get a better deal on tickets (you’ll also get to skip traffic and waiting in lines).

2. Stay in an AirBnB

Hotels can be one of the most expensive parts of traveling. Staying in an AirBnb or an VRBO can save you some major cash per night if you find the right one. You can also save money through this method because the house or apartment will have a kitchen, so you can cook your own food instead of having to eat out for every meal.

3. Eat Like a Local

Instead of eating at all the tourist infested restaurants in your area, find a local eatery or ask a local for their recommendation. By eating like a local, you can avoid the long lines, rushed service, and overpriced food. Also eating out at lunch time instead of dinner usually provides cheaper meals.

What are other ways you’ve saved money while traveling?

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