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Visa® Debit Card

It's easy to make purchases straight from your checking account

When you want to buy something, all it takes is a swipe. With a debit card from Lone Star Credit Union, you can easily make transactions using your checking account funds — no hassle required.

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Fee-free ATMs nationwide

Don't pay to access your money! Use one our 85,000 ATMs across the country to get cash fast.

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Automated fraud alerts

Know immediately if there's suspicious activity on your account, so you can act fast.

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Track and control spending

It's easy to keep track of your debit card purchases with mobile banking and monthly statements.

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Pay bills

Who needs physical checks? Pay bills with your LSCU debit card for faster processing.

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LSCU cards app

View and manage card activity right from your mobile device for easy monitoring.

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Digital wallet

Make payments with just a tap.

Digital Wallet

Make payments with the tap of your device

Carrying your card is such a thing of the past! Make payments with digital wallet by tapping your phone or device directly to the card reader. LSCU debit cards are compatible with most popular third-party digital wallets, including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

More ATM Access

Get access to cash, no matter where life takes you

With your LSCU debit card, withdraw cash at over 85,000 fee-free ATMs nationwide. You can also deposit cash at select Allpoint ATM locations for more control over your banking and finances.

LSCU Cards App

Manage your debit card with the click of a button

Whether you need to turn your card on or off, set travel notifications, file a dispute, report a card lost or stolen, it's easy to manage your card the way you want with just a tap of your finger using the LSCU Cards app.

How it works

It's easy to get a Visa debit card from Lone Star Credit Union.

  • 1

    Open a LSCU checking account

    It's quick and easy to open a checking account online.

  • 2

    Activate your new debit card

    Call 866.985.2273 to activate your card.

  • 3

    Pay with your LSCU debit card

    Add your debit card to your digital wallet.

Open a checking account

Top questions

  • Debit cards are reissued at the beginning of the month that the current card expires. You should receive your card around the middle of the month.

  • You can change your PIN by calling 866.985.2273 anytime.

  • Spending limits are a tool used to reduce potential loss from fraud activity. Should your card be lost, stolen, or card information compromised, the spending limit puts a “maximum” on the amount of funds criminals could use in one day. If you need to make a large purchase using your debit card, just let us know prior to using your card and we may be able to temporarily raise the limit.

  • Yes, if you are traveling out of the United States, please add a travel notification by using the LSCU Cards App. For travel to another city or state, you do not need to place a travel notification.

    • You need to report a lost or stolen debit card promptly in the LSCU Cards app or by calling 866.553.2919.
    • A replacement card will be issued with a new card number.
    • Don’t forget to update any automatic payments with your new card information.


Have a question? Contact us

Activate your LSCU Visa Debit Card

Call 866.985.2273

Making purchases doesn't have to be difficult

With a Visa debit card from LSCU, you can easily make purchases with a simple swipe. With features like digital wallet, automated fraud alerts, and online and mobile banking, it's never been easier to manage your funds.

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