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Youth Savings

Set your child up for a healthy financial future

Every great story starts with a solid foundation. Kids aged 12 and under can learn the benefits of good savings habits by opening a youth savings account with Lone Star Credit Union.

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Free savings account

It shouldn't cost you to teach healthy savings habits. Youth savings accounts with Lone Star Credit Union don't have any fees or penalties!

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Earn dividends

Show your child how savings accounts work by earning dividends on their account balance. Over time, they'll have a great financial foundation for adulthood.

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$25 to open

With a low opening balance, kids can begin their journey to financial independence by saving their allowance and lawn mowing money.

Rates as high as 0.35% APY*

Let's see how much you could earn.

Final Balance

Contributions:     |    Earnings: 
Initial Deposit

Free savings account

Learning, free of charge

Knowing how to manage finances is an essential skill every child should learn. That's why our youth savings accounts are completely free. Teach responsible savings habits without penalties or fees.

Fun stuff

Join Penny's Pals for fun swag and education!

All kids who have a youth savings account are a part of Penny's Pals Savings Club. Led by our mascot, Penny the Pug, Penny's Pals offers a quarterly newsletter, fun swag, and opportunities to meet Penny.

Earn dividends

The more your child saves, the more they earn

Show your child how a real savings account works by earning dividends on their balance. Not only does this provide a valuable example as to why saving is important, but it also allows them to grow their account balance to prepare for the future. Plus, we offer free resources for kids of all ages to learn about money.

Meet Penny

Penny the Pug is the Chief Barketing Officer at Lone Star Credit Union and the namesake for Penny's Pals Savings Club. When she's not helping kids learn about money, she likes naps, playing in the grass, and trying to eat people food.

How it works

It's easy to get a youth savings account from Lone Star Credit Union.

  • 1

    Open an account

    Open a youth savings account for your child.

  • 2

    Make a deposit

    Show your child how to make a deposit at a branch or online.

  • 3

    Teach savings habits

    Deposit money and watch the balance grow.

Open a Youth Savings Account

Top questions

  • Your Member number is your savings account number. The reason it is also called a Member number is because your savings account (or share account) establishes your membership with LSCU, and must remain open while you’re a Member.

  • There are a few ways to find your account number:

    • your savings account number, or Member number, can be found on your eStatements in digital banking
    • your checking account number can found on the bottom of your checks after the routing number (311079869)

    You can also find your account number in digital banking. Tap or click on your checking account from the home screen, then tap or click account info (next to history), and the MICR number shown is your checking account number.

    You can also contact our Member Service Center by phone or chat to verify your Member number, checking account number, or loan number.


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Learning has never been easier

With a free youth savings account from Lone Star Credit Union, you can teach your child healthy savings habits and set them up for a successful financial future.

  • *APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are effective April 1, 2023 and are subject to change without notice.

    Minimum balance to earn the stated APY is $100. APY for youth savings accounts is as follows:

    $100.00 – $2,499.99

    > $2,500.00

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