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Student Loans

College is expensive, and the costs don't stop after graduation. If you need help covering the cost of college or want to refinance your student loans, we have the solution.

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Competitive rates

Get a great rate on your student loan or student loan refinancing.

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Flexible funding

Pay for expenses including tuition, books, and housing.

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Personal support

A Student Choice counselor will provide support for your funding questions.

Paying for college

Get help when it's time for college

It's no secret that college tuition can cost thousands of dollars. While many students receive grants and scholarships, often they aren't enough to cover tuition, books, room and board, and living expenses. That's where Student Choice fits in. They can help bridge the gap between what you've received and what you need for college.

Graduation and beyond

Refinance existing student loans

After graduation, student loans can feel overwhelming. With Student Choice, you can combine loans, adjust your payment, or lower your interest rate to fit your repayment plan.

How it works

It's easy to apply for a new student loan or refinance existing student loans.

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    Apply online

    Apply online with your school information for the fastest service.

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    Complete your application

    Select the loan that fits your needs and apply for funding.

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    Get approved

    Focus on your education and your career.

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