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Fraud Prevention Tips

Account fraud and debit card security breaches are very realistic problems that people in today's world have to face. With technology constantly evolving, so do the practices of fraud and compromised security. At Lone Star Credit Union, we use the very best fraud prevention practices and policies to keep our Members' information secure. Unfortunately, when it comes to protecting sensitive information there are merchants and retailers who have less strict practices than financial institutions.

Take action against fraud by using these helpful tips.


Debit & Credit Card Fraud

  • LSCU will never contact you and ask you to provide sensitive card information. If you are contacted and feel unsure, please end the call immediately and contact us directly.
  • If you plan to make a purchase using your card online or over the phone, verify the merchant and make sure you fully understand the payment charges. When shopping online, read all the fine print (which legally are required to be made known to you), including Terms & Agreements.
  • If you are traveling or making purchases outside the U.S., or if you plan to make a larger than normal purchase on your card, contact us so that we can note this when monitoring Member card activity.
  • PIN (debit) transactions make it more difficult to commit fraud. Your PIN should never be given to anyone and if it is written down, keep it in a secure location. When choosing a PIN it is best to avoid easily identifiable numbers such as the last four of your SSN, birthday, address, etc.

We monitor debit card activity in ‘real time’ on our Members’ behalf. If we notice suspicious activity on a card, we may freeze your card to prevent further charges; however, due to the large amount of daily card activity, suspicious transactions may not be immediately noticed. If your card has been compromised, we will notify you along with any needed next steps. It is always best to check your account activity daily to verify purchases and deposits. If you notice a suspicious transaction on your debit or credit card, please contact us immediately.

Online & Email Fraud

Regular email is not a secure communication method and your account information cannot be guaranteed. If you contact LSCU by email, please refrain from including any account numbers or SSNs. Our employees always secure emails containing any account or sensitive information prior to sending them. All emails from LSCU will always contain “” as the email address domain. If you are concerned about the legitimacy of an email you’ve received, please do not click on any links and contact us for verification.

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