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Over generations and constantly evolving technology, people have changed how they connect with others and their communities. At Lone Star Credit Union, we want to connect in a way that's good for you. And while we value the personal connection experienced in our branches, we don't want our conversations to stop there. We invite you to engage with us, share ideas, and tell us your story in our online community.

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Social Media Guidelines:

To serve the best interests of our Members, we have to follow certain rules when it comes to the nature of what is communicated on our social media pages. This may restrict what we can say in these forums, and at times, we may remove posts that are inappropriate or in violation of our regulations. To keep the conversation flowing, and out of consideration for all members of our online community, we ask that when engaging with us online, you please keep in mind:

  • We are unable to service accounts using these forums. Please do not attempt to conduct any account–related transactions on our social media pages or post account numbers, social security numbers, PINs, or any other sensitive personal information on our social media pages; social media websites are not secure.
  • We may occasionally direct you to third party links or sites to share interesting articles or websites on topics of potential interest to you. This does not necessarily mean that we endorse all views or content found on these sites.
  • We want to assist you and provide you with the support you need – Please remember that we can only provide advice by secure means. This includes phone, secure email, and in person at your local branch.
  • We ask that participants be respectful and keep comments clean at all times.

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