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Money Market Checking Account

View Money Market Checking Account
Best for
Ideal for individuals who want a checking account without recurring monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. It offers easy access to funds, digital banking, a large network of fee-free ATMs, and an instant-issue debit card.
Suitable for those seeking a checking account that earns money market dividends. It provides the opportunity to grow funds with money market dividend rates while maintaining financial flexibility. This account is best for individuals who can maintain a daily balance of $2,500 and prefer limited monthly withdrawals.
Monthly Fees
No monthly fees
No service charges
Minimum Balance
No minimum balance
Digital Banking
Available with mobile banking
Nationwide ATMs
55,000+ free in-network ATMs
Instant-issue Debit Card
Instantly issued in-branch
Opening Balance
$25 minimum deposit
Dividen Earnings
Earn money market dividend rates
Withdrawal Flexibility
Six withdrawals per month
APY Rates
Rates as high as 1.25% APY

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