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Deposit Account Services

Manage Your Finances

We offer several convenient services to help manage your finances so that you have more time to focus on other things in your life. Whether it's saving you time or saving you money, these services are guaranteed to make your life a little easier. To get started with any of these services, just give us a call or stop in to any LSCU location today.

Keep your finances at ease with these helpful services

Direct Deposit Services

Avoid the hassle of waiting in lines just to cash your paycheck, get your money faster with direct deposit. It is a secure, and convenient way to receive paychecks, deposit distributions, or even make your loan payment. Direct deposit can be set up through your employer, retirement plan administrator, or the Social Security Administration. When setting up your direct deposit, please be sure to use your checking account number – which is different than your Member number. For more information on direct deposit, please contact us.

Overdraft Protection

While it is always best to keep track of your account balance, we understand that it’s not always that simple. There may be times when you accidentally overdraw your account, but you can avoid Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) fees by protecting yourself with the following options:

  • Add an automatic Savings Transfer from your main savings account (share account).
  • Link your Personal Line of Credit to your account to access loan funds when you need them. If you don’t have a line of credit, apply for one today.

Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay provides coverage on up to $500 towards overdraft payments for qualified Members. Courtesy pay will prevent your transactions from being denied or returned, but unlike overdraft protection it does not keep your account from being overdrawn. Courtesy pay is a per transaction service, meaning the cost applies to each debit item. For more details on how Courtesy Pay works, just give us a call or stop by any LSCU location.

Domestic Wire Services

You can wire money from your LSCU account to another financial institution within the U.S. for a $35 processing charge. Wire transfers can be completed at any branch, including our Member Service Center, Monday through Friday. Please note that wire requests must be completed by 3:45 pm to be sent the same business day. If you wish to wire money to or from your LSCU checking account, please use your checking account number – which is different than your Member number.

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