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Digital Banking

Managing your money doesn't have to be difficult

Enjoy the ease and convenience of secure online access to your accounts anywhere, anytime. Digital banking from LSCU makes it easy to stay on top of your finances.

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View balances

Easily view account balances and transactions so you can keep tabs on your finances.

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Multi-factor authentication

Feel confident that your information is safe with added security.

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Get rid of the paper clutter and view your statements anytime online.

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Transfer funds

Easily transfer money between your internal and external accounts with a click or a tap.

Access your information

Skip the trip to the branch and access your account information from anywhere

It's easy to keep tabs on your spending and finances. With digital banking from Lone Star Credit Union, you can log in to see all your account details, transfer funds, apply for loans, open a new account, and much more to simplify your money management.

Stay on top of your finances

Set up account alerts to keep up with your finances

Get notified right away about account changes. Customize text and email alerts for account balances, account maturity, loan payment reminders, debit card purchases, and more. It's easy to keep track of your finances with digital banking from LSCU.

How it works

It's easy to get digital banking from Lone Star Credit Union.

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    Click "Enroll Now"

    It just takes a click to get started.

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    Go through the setup process

    Follow the prompts to set up digital banking.

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    Start managing your money

    Use the dashboard to keep track of your finances.

Enroll now

Top questions

  • You will need your member number, social security number and date of birth. You will then go through the MFA process where a verification code will be sent to the email address on your account record.

    Steps to Enroll:

    • Go to and click Enroll.
    • Enter your Member Number, Social Security Number and Date of Birth and click Continue.
    • Enter a Username and Password of your choice using the required specifications listed.
    • Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
    • Complete the reCAPTCHA (I’m not a robot) process and click Submit.
  • No, the account number, also known as the Member number, must be used to enroll.

  • You should call the Member Service Center at 214.327.9367.

  • All accounts that are linked to your Social Security Number will be visible through one username and password. When you log in, you will see all your primary accounts.

  • All Members, primary and joint, can now create a digital or mobile banking log in for their Social Security Number. Primary and joint accounts will all be visible under your unique log in username.

    • If you have multiple Member numbers where you are the primary owner, all accounts will now appear behind a single username.
    • If you are primary on one account and joint on another, both accounts will appear behind a single username.
    • If you are only a joint Member, you can have your own username and password to see that account.
  • Use the Tile View and List View icons in the upper right corner of the Dashboard to select how your accounts are displayed on the Dashboard. To further customize your Dashboard, click the Dashboard Customization gear icon in the upper right corner of the page.

    Hide and Unhide Accounts

    1. Under the column labeled Visible, click on the eye icon to hide/unhide the account.

  • Chrome, Edge, and Firefox are the recommended browsers.

  • Yes, you can open a checking, money market, holiday savings, or special savings account as a sub-account on any account that you are a primary or joint owner on.

  • You will receive a follow up email regarding your new account opened through digital banking. This email will ask you to call LSCU to add joints or POD’s and the form will be sent via DocuSign. If you do not add your joint or POD, then the account will default to Single Party account without a beneficiary.

  • A debit card will be mailed to you within 7 to 10 business days. If you come into LSCU before 5:00pm we can print it for you there.

  • Yes,. On the desktop version of digital banking click the plus sign to take you to the Apply for Loan option.

    On mobile, tap the plus sign at the bottom of your screen and then tap Apply for Loan to begin the process.

  • No, our system is Member centric and will only update the owner’s information that is signed into Digital Banking.

  • You can make the following type of transfers:

    • Internal: Move money between your Lone Star CU accounts
    • External: Move money to or from your Lone Star CU account to or from your account at another financial institution
    • Contact: Send money to a friend (Person to Person) using an email or text message

    Please see the Digital Banking Guide for complete instructions on how to make transfers.

  • Before you can transfer money to another Lone Star CU Member, you must first set up the person as a “Contact”. For complete instructions on how to do this and make the transfer, please see the Digital Banking Guide.

  • Before you can transfer money to someone at another financial institution, you must first send that person an invite by using their email or cell phone number. That person will then have to approve the invitation and provide their account number and financial institution’s routing number. Please see the Digital Banking Guide for instructions on how to transfer money once the invitation has been accepted.

  • Transaction history will go back for two years.

  • No, this is a chat bot to assist you with account balances, transfers and more.

  • Yes, limited functionality such as blocking or unblocking your debit card temporarily is available.

  • Yes, extended functionality for both debit and credit cards, such as travel alerts, disputes, and more are offered through the LSCU Cards app.

  • If your account is assigned to our Self-Service Branch (0007), Harland Clark does not recognize this branch and you will receive an error during the ordering process. You will need to call LSCU to order your checks.

  • Real time alert notifications will be sent to either your email address or cell phone depending on the option you selected when setting up the alert.  If you opted to receive text notifications, your alerts will be sent from 214.239.3176. If you opted to receive email notifications, your alerts will be sent from If you doubt the authenticity of an alert you receive, verify the alert is one you set up in your digital or mobile banking.


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Manage your finances instantly from anywhere

Take the hassle out of financial management. Access your accounts from anywhere with digital banking from LSCU.

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