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LSCU Cards App

The easiest way to manage and monitor your card usage

Set up account alerts, monitor card usage, update card controls, and more right from the palm of your hand with the LSCU Cards App.

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Lock and unlock

If your cards are ever lost or stolen, easily turn them on and off to prevent unauthorized transactions.

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Travel notifications

Going on a trip? Set the dates and destinations to avoid declined purchases while traveling.

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Account alerts

Get notified of important account activity according to your preferences to keep your account safe.

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Area restrictions

Use your phone's GPS to restrict card usage to a specific area to prevent fraudulent charges.

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Make payments

Make payments on your credit card using the LSCU Cards App. No more mailing checks or visiting the branch!

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Report lost or stolen

Report your card lost or stolen with a few taps to quickly prevent potential fraudulent charges.

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Transaction disputes

Notice an unauthorized transaction? File a dispute with the click of a button in the LSCU Cards App.

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View history

Double check your spending and monitor usage by reviewing your transaction history.

Monitoring Tools

Choose the alerts that are important to you

With the LSCU Cards App, you can keep a watchful eye over your credit and debit cards. With helpful monitoring tools like transaction, merchant, and location alerts, you can get notified immediately whenever your card is approved, declined, or exceeds a transaction limit set by you.

Management Tools

All your card management tools in the palm of your hand

The LSCU Cards App gives you the power to manage everything about your credit and debit cards right in the palm of your hand. Control, monitor, and safeguard your cards with tools designed to help you manage your finances no matter where life takes you:

• View recent and pending transactions
• Create personalized alerts and controls
• Lock and unlock your cards
• File a transaction dispute
• Set travel notifications
• Report your LSCU card lost or stolen
• Make a payment to your LSCU credit card

How it works

It's easy to get the LSCU Cards App from Lone Star Credit Union.

  • 1

    Download the app

    Visit the app store to download the LSCU Cards App for Apple or Android.

  • 2


    Input your card number, first and last name.

  • 3

    Set your notifications

    Choose the settings you want and turn them on to protect your cards.

Set up LSCU Cards App

Top questions

  • Yes, if you are traveling out of the United States, please add a travel notification by using the LSCU Cards App. For travel to another city or state, you do not need to place a travel notification.

    • You need to report a lost or stolen debit card promptly in the LSCU Cards app or by calling 866.553.2919.
    • A replacement card will be issued with a new card number.
    • Don’t forget to update any automatic payments with your new card information.
  • Click the plus sign to add a card and enter the required card information. Once the card has been added you will see the image of the card in the account summary section.

  • In the app, choose the card you want to view. If there is more than one card swipe over to choose a card.

  • Tap on the card you want to set an alert on, then click on notification settings at the bottom.

  • Tap on the card you wish to place a temporary block on. Click on the green unlocked icon to lock the card.

  • Tap on the card you wish to remove the temporary block from. Click on the red locked icon to unlock the card.

  • Choose the card you want to report lost or stolen. Click on Lost or Stolen at the bottom and answer the required questions.

  • Click on forgot password, enter your username, card number and click next. Answer the security questions and click submit. A temporary password will be sent to the registered email. Your password must be changed within 1 hour.


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Manage and monitor cards your way

With the LSCU Cards App, you have complete control over how you use your cards. Set custom alerts, take action, and view your transaction history all from your mobile device — anytime, anywhere.

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