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Resources for Kids

At Lone Star Credit Union, we value financial education for our Members of all ages. We believe that learning to save and spend responsibly are keys to financial success. Communicating these important lessons and skills with children at an early age can benefit them for years to come. You'll find several resources below that we've provided to help in guiding our young Members to financial success.

Games & Tips for Kids and Parents


Its never too early to start! Read how to teach your child about money. Then download the activity guide for easy ways your preschooler can learn the value and use of money.

Grades K-6

Children can learn more about money through any of these interactive games:


It’s never too early to learn smart financial habits. Whether saving a portion of a weekly allowance or understanding the deductions on the pay stub from a first job, good money management skills can last a lifetime.

Student Banking

Most financial aid packages are disbursed electronically, so it’s a good idea to learn the basics of managing a bank account before you get to college. This helpful flyer explains how to take action on choosing a bank account and avoiding fees. Download Student Banking Guide


Paying for college

There are many options when it comes to paying for college, but how do you know where to start? This guide can help navigate you in the right direction in three simple steps. Download Paying for College Guide


Compare College Costs

Once you have received your financial aid offers, you may need to make a decision on which school you will be attending. Keep in mind that there are many costs on top of tuition associated with being a college student. You can look at your overall costs of attending two different schools using this comparison tool.

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